by Aika Takeshima

‘HOME’ DANCE FILM Directed by Sara Pizzi 

“Nobody was expecting that.

Everything looks dead, empty streets, no future, no place to be, no place to go- even our room is not anymore comfortable for us and our reflection on the mirror looks like a stranger.

But we still believe that inside us, there is a place, so tiny though, where dreams are alive with infinite roads, where the sun is shining when outside is not.

Look inside and you are going to feel home.
No matter what, no matter where.
Just come back. You are your home. ”

Directed by Sara Pizzi @_sarapizzi_
Performed by Aika Takeshima @aikatakeshima
Videography by Rebecca Marcela Oviatt @becca.vision
Music Hania Rani @haniarani









No matter what happens, no matter how tough it is, keep being yourself, trust yourself and the path.
No matter where you are, you are your HOME. You are beautiful as you are.

Even if it seems impossible, just trust yourself and dream.
And if you keep trying to find them, you will find hope and future there.

No matter how long the tough situation continues, never give up.
As long as you have yourself, your HOME is every where, no matter what happens, no matter where you are.
Because YOU are your HOME.




Performance History

‘HOME’ was presented in (上映歴):

SJAC(Society of Japanese and American Creators)  Fourth Annual Exhibition Opening Reception – June 9th 2021

・Anyplace Anytime Online Dance Film Festival-December 30th Program B-by  Cross Move Lab

・Under 7MPR X Pride – June 26th 2021 – by 7Midnights Physical Research

・Bitesize Dance Festival 2021-by BITESIZE 

・FilmFreeway Compilation 2021-by Film Freeway 

・Terre Dance Collective Layers V.2 program A livestream performances – May 16th 2021 – by Terre Dance Collective

・DANCE PARADE 2021 – May 22nd 2021– by Dance Parade  

・TV DANCE PARADE SPECIAL. on channel 25 – June 11th 2021

Cords of Community Film Festival – May 17th 2022 – by TheDynamitExperience

Film Competition

Kadoma International Film Festival – Preliminary Round Selection