A multimedia live performance, within an ultraviolet environment, that involves dance, body painting, light painting, long exposure photography, live videography, art works rotating around the deep relationship of reality and dream.

A structure dance that on stage evolves into a series of photographic images using a digital camera capturing long-exposures and editing them into a stop-motion video, live on stage.

Synopsis :

Three protagonists, intertwined between real and dream worlds, where the audience gradually uncovers the plausible dynamic of this trio wondering, “Who dreamed who?”

Have you ever felt in love where it seemed like a dream? Maybe one person dreamed of love and the other person appeared in their life? The answers from all three artists with a few quotes from Alan Watts plays as voiceover during the intro time-lapse video of the body painting. Wave and Sun. Two characters, two worlds. So different, so opposite, but actually so connected between each other.

As our two main protagonists visually shift from real to dream worlds, the audience is kept guessing which one dreamed the other and may wonder how the third person in the triangle, who we will call the dreamcatcher.

One night, a dreamcatcher is prancing about wanting to catch a dream. Soon a couple dreaming of each other appears dancing in and out of the light from flesh to abstract figures. As they visually struggle to dream yet keep it real, then to succumb to the dream which in turn becomes real, the dreamcatcher captures their dream into another dream. The couple discovers an altered dream of what they just lived.

It’s not until the end of the dance piece, that the dream of the dream captured by the ‘dreamcatcher’, on camera is projected. Leaving the audience mesmerized and perhaps questioning reality. And if everything was only a dream?

-Is your life real or a dream?

-Are  people real?

-Have you ever dreamed of being in love?

-How dreamy are you?

-What if you woke up and found out that it was all a dream?

-Have you ever been in a relationship where you wondered, who Dreamed who?

Dreams need reality and reality needs dream...

You will keep guessing what is real or dreamed, right until the very end.

Expect to be mesmerized by the intense connection between us, as we move from the real world to an abstracted dreamland.






3人のアーティストによるその答えとAlan Wattによる言葉のボイスレコーディングの数々。





















Light painting artist : Chanette Manso

Dancer/Choreographer : Sara Pizzi & AIka Takeshima

 Art works : Kumi Hirose


Performance History